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E-commerce SEO: the definitive checklist to boost your store’s online presence & growth

You will be absolutely surprised by the number of e-commerce website owners and marketers who overlook the importance of their product pages. Their negligence and basic mistakes like even copy-pasting the exact production description provided by the manufacturer, or not optimizing the product pages effectively, or not knowing what keywords they should target for and include, can lead them to feel the heat and lag behind competitors.  

The competition in the e-commerce sector is tough and a small mistake can make a huge impact on growing the customer base. E-commerce SEO services should be taken very seriously as it helps you manage your online store and reach your target customer base.

1. Target the Right Keywords 

It is very important to select the right keywords because it is the first step towards starting to optimize your e-commerce store. SEO professionals spend the majority of their time on keyword research because it forms the base for further optimization scale.  

You can even make use of the most suitable keyword research tools to get get the list of keywords that are trending the , and compile a list of keywords most critical to your optimization process. Make sure to enter the keyword in the title, meta description, heading tags, and product description as it will help your content rank better.  

2. Write a Solid Product Description

By creating engaging product descriptions, you get the advantage of persuading visitors to purchase from your online store. It also presents an additional opportunity to embed your target keywords in the product description for SEO. You should also be careful not to go overboard with this tactic. You must make your product copy relatable, well-written, and clear so that it can clearly explain the features of the product to the customers with utmost clarity.  

3. Optimize the Product Photos

When people are shopping on any type of online platform they can't touch or see anything or even try any of the products. The images and the product description are all they have to make sense of what they're thinking of spending their hard-earned money on. 

This is the reason why you should convey all you can about your product with the help of high-resolution shots that are taken from different angles.  

4. Prevent Thin and Duplicate Content 

Thin content is content that doesn't hold any importance to the visitor. This content comes in a lot of forms such as – 

  • Pages without the content 
  • Pages with little content about 50 words 
  • Pages with duplicate content 
  • Pages with nearly duplicate content 

If the pages are similar to one another then the search engine might not rank them or might completely ignore them and this is the reason why it is important to avoid duplicate or thin content at all costs. The fact that your site has a lot of thin content can also lead to search engines thinking that your site is not valuable and not in a good shape. 


The e-commerce arena is very competitive when it comes to SEO. Just one simple mistake can set your progress back weeks which will make a huge impact on your online growth. Select e-commerce SEO packages after deep research and after consultation with the professionals as they will help your website with search engine optimization activities to make your online presence strong.  

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