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ECommerce SEO is a cost-effective way to attract traffic to your eCommerce store and generate revenue. At PieNet, we understand that every business needs a different approach, that’s why our SEO experts build personalized strategies to grow your business and attract more customers to your online store. Contact us for top-notch eCommerce SEO service if you’re a retail owner who is struggling to generate sales!

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Attract Customers to Your Online Retail Store and Generate Sales with eCommerce SEO
There has been an increase in online shopping over the past decade, which has created both excellent prospects and fierce competition. Nowadays, there are a ton of retailers and businesses offering things online, making it more crucial than ever to engage in an effective eCommerce SEO strategy.
The ease with which customers can find, visit, and decide to purchase from your online store is crucial to its success. eCommerce SEO can help your store be found in this situation. At Pienet, we specialize in creating a tailored SEO plan for your eCommerce store that will make it simpler for customers to locate your business. Our SEO experts create a strategy that raises the visibility of your e-commerce website in search results, draws more people to your online store, and builds brand recognition, all of which improves sales and revenue. Additionally, we carry out audits and use SEO checklists to make sure your eCommerce website is functionally sound and operating as it should.
Why PieNet Is Your Best Option for eCommerce SEO

We work with you to promote your brand, draw more visitors, and boost the number of buyers who visit your eCommerce website.

Ten years plus of experience

We have been assisting eCommerce sites for more than ten years. Our staff has experience in several industries and has benefited numerous clients, which would result in better work and greater rankings for your business.

Team of Professionals

We can assure you that we only work with the best, and our team is made up of SEO experts who are knowledgeable about eCommerce SEO. They will work diligently to make your company successful and assist you in increasing revenue by implementing clever SEO methods.

Result-Oriented Methodology

At PieNet, we adhere to a goal-driven philosophy in which our staff works to deliver the outcomes you had hoped for from the SEO strategy. To achieve the end result, which is to have your website rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and produce more revenue, we use a variety of tactics.

Reliable Transparency

We favor openness and involving our clients at every step of the process. We strongly believe that you have a right to know the entire process and outcomes of any tactic we employ.

Benefits of Using eCommerce SEO for Your Online Retail Store
Enable you to get out to valuable customer

Our SEO strategy is designed to make sure that the right clients find your eCommerce store throughout their search. We ensure that the appropriate individuals view the pertinent information at the appropriate time.

Improved product range

Your whole product line will be optimized as part of our eCommerce SEO strategy, ensuring that your target buyers will find you while looking for what you sell.

Improved online presence

An eCommerce SEO strategy's primary goal is to improve your online presence. We use a variety of tactics to ensure that the proper people can find your website online, which will inevitably boost traffic and revenues.

Affordable pricing

Setting up an eCommerce SEO strategy is a very affordable strategy. We provide very flexible packages that increase your return on investment by bringing in more customers and sales to your online store

Surpassing the Competition

We create an SEO strategy using Google's best practices that keep you one step ahead of the competition. When people are searching to buy, we assist them in finding your brand rather than one of your competitors.

Long-term outcomes

Our process-driven solutions and long-term success rates help you get results that last.

How Our eCommerce SEO Process Works
Canonization and a thorough Panda check

We carry out extensive Panda checks as well as canonicalization to make sure your website is compliant with the search engines. This guarantees that search engines continue to showcase your e-commerce website. In order to make the eCommerce store more inviting, our SEO professionals enhance the structure, content, and on-page elements of the website, such as the metatags, titles, alt text, and anchor text. We also employ the most up-to-date methods and strategies to raise the search engine ranking of your website.

Website Optimization

We are aware of the significance of website speed in retaining visitors and boosting the number of repeat visitors. To ensure the best possible user experience, we always maintain the fastest possible page load times. Our page speed optimization suggestions are made to shorten the time it takes for users to load your website. This entails locating any loading problems, decreasing HTTP requests, server-side image optimization, and browser caching, which will speed up page rendering on subsequent visits.

Image Optimization for Product

Product pictures are crucial for eCommerce SEO. In order for these photographs to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), we make sure they are of great quality and are tagged with the appropriate keywords. Additionally, we give each image alt text information, which aids in improved SERP ranks.

Correction of on-page crawl errors

Crawl failures on your website might be caused by a few basic problems. URL structure is one of the most frequent causes of crawl issues. Search engine crawlers won't be able to properly index your pages if the URL structure of your website is not set up for them to comprehend. This can result in crawl issues. We determine whether the URLs on your website are properly formatted or not and assist you in fixing them. We also look for weak internal links and content because improving these things will help search engines better index your website.

HTML tags for product markup schema

By implementing schema markup on the product pages of your eCommerce website we work towards enhancing the SEO. Although there are other types of Schemas, using Product Markup, which provides precise tags for data like name and price as well as descriptions about each item, is the ideal choice. This is integrated into the online store to improve visibility when using Google or another search engine.

Optimization of rich snippets

The ideal technique to notify search engine users about your content is using rich snippets. These parsable cards' rich text offers ratings, prices, and availability in an easy-to-understand manner to let customers determine if they want more of what you have to offer. Rich snippets for your website have been tailored to increase click-through rates and visibility. As a result, you'll receive more search engine traffic, which increases the number of people who could be interested in buying your goods or services.

SEO Category pages

Making sure that the eCommerce category pages are keyword-rich and appropriately reflect the contents of each web page is one of the primary strategies we employ when optimizing them. Target keywords should also exist in the titles and descriptions of those specific categories. All category pages are optimized by our experts to show up at the top of SERPs when users search for the associated keywords.

SEO for brand pages

Brand pages are specifically created for your eCommerce website to promote a certain brand. We make sure to include the necessary brand information, photographs, and videos that highlight the goods and services this brand has to offer. This brand page tries to establish a relationship with both customers and search engines. All brand pages are optimized by our eCommerce SEO experts so they show up first in search engine results.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is one of the finest techniques to raise your search engine results page rating. This comprises practices that will increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website, including link building, social media marketing, and content production. We seek links from other websites in order to raise the rating of your online store on Google. We accomplish this by submitting long-form content pieces, press releases, infographics, guest posts, and relevant directories so that customers looking for related products find your website first.

What is eCommerce SEO?

The main reason why websites choose to take up eCommerce SEO is to increase traffic which would result in increased revenue. This process involves optimizing the website and promoting the content to make the website rank higher on search engine result pages. (SERPs).

How does eCommerce SEO work?

eCommerce SEO functions by making a website search engine friendly. The content, architecture, and on-page components (such as titles, metatags, and anchor text) of the website must all be improved before implementing consistent off-page SEO efforts.

How does eCommerce SEO work?

eCommerce SEO functions by making a website search engine friendly. The content, architecture, and on-page components (such as titles, metatags, and anchor text) of the website must all be improved before implementing consistent off-page SEO efforts.

How does eCommerce SEO work?

eCommerce SEO functions by making a website search engine friendly. The content, architecture, and on-page components (such as titles, metatags, and anchor text) of the website must all be improved before implementing consistent off-page SEO efforts.


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