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PieNet Monthly SEO Services to Get More Traffic, Conversions, and Sales!
Get our ongoing SEO services to keep your marketing on track.

SEO is no longer something that you can employ for a while and then forget- it is now an ongoing process. Customers want more from your company today, Google is more intelligent than ever, and you must work harder to appear higher in search engine results. With our ongoing SEO services, you can hire internationally trained SEO experts to manage and market your website, that too without the hassle of having to hire or train people yourself. All you need to do to acquire our scalable growth assistance for your company is to have a retainer SEO service with PieNet.

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The Advantages of Hiring PieNet as Your Monthly SEO Retainer Agency

You must have a trustworthy relationship with an agency if you decide to hire them on a monthly basis. PieNet has been providing services to customers for over 10 years and can be proud of its stellar reputation. We're committed to offering our clients excellent SEO services that will ultimately benefit their organization greatly. You're not just paying us to complete a to-do list each month when you hire our team of SEO specialists on a monthly SEO retainer. You're paying us to stay informed about evolving best practices, test new SEO tactics, create new procedures, and incorporate the results into the job we do for you. Additionally, you are paying us to take into account the objectives unique to your business. Most importantly, you're paying us to help your business gain traffic, attain google ranks, and contribute to your marketing goals.

It encourages a collaborative relationship

Subscribing to an ongoing SEO service not only ensures that your website is consistently updated in accordance with the dynamic Google algorithm, but it also minimizes the effort and saves time for both parties. On the other hand, if you engage a new team each time you experience an SEO problem, they will need time to get to know your website and continue where the previous team left off. We are aware of the significance of monthly retainers for our clients and make every effort to maximize their return on investment.

You get a reliable partner at every step of the way.

When you hire an agency for monthly SEO retainer engagement it alters the perspective of both the parties involved. Now, people do not perceive work as hourly labor but more of a value-driven SEO collaboration. With ongoing SEO service, you get a dependable SEO partner and not just a paid SEO vendor. In this scenario, both parties will look at the work as a collaboration and will strive to achieve greater results.

A smart way to invest your time and resources

There’s a common misconception that if you hire an agency on a monthly basis then they’d put less effort into your project, which is entirely untrue. In reality, hiring an agency on a retainer encourages them to put more effort into your company and attain better similar or better results because they’re being compensated for the result they’re producing and not the number of hours they’ve spent on your project. Moreover, if you’ve hired an agency on a monthly basis then they understand the ins and outs of your business, which would result in them having fewer queries, which leaves you with time to invest in different avenues of your business.

Consistent supply of high-quality leads

The end goal of every business is to get new customers and make sales. While the term "leads" may differ from "audience" or "clients" or even "customers," at the end of the day, every business wants more people to be aware of them, interested in doing business with them and prepared to purchase what they're offering. You may relax and enjoy yourself thanks to our SEO services. If you want a steady stream of new people to find you and demonstrate an interest in what you're selling employing monthly SEO is the way to go,

What we focus on

In the research process, we focus on keywords that are actually being searched for, competitor analysis, and gap analysis- both on- and off-page.


Then we focus on building a strategy based on the new and old website content, backlinks, technical SEO, and keyword cannibalization.


Now in the planning phase, we focus on organic traffic evaluation, on-page optimization, and suggesting custom keywords per month for link building & content marketing.


Finally, the focus shifts to the execution of content optimization, including technical SEO assessment, maintenance, monitoring, and establishing connections and backlinks.

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What monthly retainer tasks look like

Hiring an SEO agency on a monthly basis doesn’t mean you do not have any responsibilities going forward. SEO is a collaborative effort where designers, writers, developers, analysts, and website owners- all work together to not only grow the website but also maintain it on a regular basis.


Our SEO company will support your company's growth and success in a cutthroat market and help you dominate the search engines.


Your website will be able to provide an excellent user experience for your visitors, resulting in increased sales and leads.


We are proud to employ the top individuals in the field, each with unique qualifications and talents from SEO analysis to execution.


Additionally, we are always on the lookout for novel approaches so that you may stay abreast of the most recent developments and algorithmic adjustments.

What’s Included

PieNet as a leading SEO agency, takes pride in tailor-making SEO strategies for each client. Our team of experts treats every client as an individual entity and builds a strategy only after understanding the ins and outs of their business. However, here are some generic services that are by default included in every package-

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most crucial elements of any successful SEO campaign. Highly effective keywords lead to an increased opportunity to reach a larger and far wider market or users. That’s why we only suggest keywords that people are searching for and work with you to develop a strategy for how to rank for them using a demand-first approach.

Competitor analysis

We can provide you with the best optimization strategies that outperform the competition in your niche thanks to our thorough competitor analysis. We track your competitors, analyze them in-depth, and offer suggestions on how to outperform them and raise your search engine visibility.

Technical Monitoring

We not only make sure your site is Google-optimized, but we also crawl it every month to identify and resolve any technical problems that might be harming SEO. We make sure that our top-ranking techniques are perfectly in sync with the constantly changing search engine algorithms that we pay close attention to throughout the year.

Content Optimization

Any website business is built on its content. We offer brand-specific, original content that enables your company to stand out from competitors with the precise details a visitor is seeking. We assist with updating the existing material on your website and optimizing it for current SEO standards based on the selected keywords and current rankings.

Link building

Our SEO specialists remove outdated and low-quality link-building techniques and implement the most recent link-building techniques, such as guest posting, blogging, and social media platforms, thereby naturally enhancing your SEO. Each month, we create high-quality connections to your website, helping to raise your ranks and visitors.

Local SEO management

Through local search optimization, we make sure that anyone looking for comparable services in your area is pointed on a more welcoming and comfortable path, along with more information, directions, and phone numbers. We also apply the NAP strategy and generate as many web citations as possible to get your website on top of the local results.

Daily Rank Tracking

One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is rank tracking, which compares the current rankings of your selected keywords on search engines to the previous few days. The rank tracking procedure enables website owners to identify the keywords that are suitable for marketing initiatives.

Monthly meetings

We constantly keep tabs on the traffic projection for your website using Google Analytics. You will receive a detailed organic traffic progress report for a website at the end of each month, including a comparison to the month before we launched the campaign.

What does one mean by monthly or ongoing SEO service?

If you choose our monthly or ongoing service then we’ll tailor-make a package for you where you’ll be getting on-page optimization, keyword research, link building, monthly reports, etc., (including but not limited to). In this service, you are not required to provide us with information every month as we’ll be working on a retainer and take care of all your SEO needs on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel my SEO retainer at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your SEO retainer at any point. However, when you do so you will not be able to reap the benefits of any of the SEO services we offer, till you take up the service again.

What advantages can an SEO retainer offer?

An SEO retainer is a legal agreement between a business and an SEO firm in which the SEO firm promises to offer the business monthly SEO services in return for a set monthly cost. You get all the SEO services that were agreed upon while starting the service.

Do you have a focus on any particular sectors or verticals?

No, we do not specialize in any one vertical which gives us an opportunity to take on clients from all sectors. However, we have a team of SEO professionals who study your company, your industry, and your competitors to analyze and build a strategy around it.


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