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Local SEO Services: Budget-Friendly Packages

PieNet India for Local SEO Services!   

PieNet India has over ten years of experience helping businesses set up and maintain their local SEO. With our local SEO service, you can tap into a whole new market and boost your business locally by enhancing your online visibility, attracting new customers, and increasing your brand's trustworthiness.   
Contact us today to have our local SEO experts customize a plan for your business.   
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Compare and Choose the Plan Suitable for Your Business!  

Our Minimum SEO Contract period is Month to Month 

Campaign Setup

Local SEO Audit 

Content Duplicacy Check 

Google Penalty Check 

Competition Analysis 

Initial Backlinks analysis 

In-depth Site Analysis 

Mobile Usability Check 

Keyword Research 



GeoGrid Rank Tracking 

Google Map Keyword Rankings

Citation Accuracy Report 

Customer Support (phone, chat, and email) 

Local Search Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization 

Online Review Monitoring 

Google My Business Setup & Verification 

Map Stack 

Google Business Profile Monitoring 

Google Map Embeds 

Topical Directory Submissions 

Primary Citations 

Secondary Citations 

Geo Tagged Photo Submissions 

GPS listings 

GBP Posts 

Bing, Apple & Facebook Listings 

Yelp Optimization 

City Search Optimization 

Content Marketing

Guest posting 

Blog posts 

Premium Local Press Release 

On-Page Optimization

Content Optimization 

Mobile site optimization 

Title & Meta Tags Optimization 

HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization 

Pages H tags Optimization 

Canonicalization/301 Redirect 

Image & Hyperlink Optimization 

Service Area Landing Pages 

Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 

Sitemap Creation 

Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

Desktop Speed Optimization 

Google Search Console Setup and Maintenance 

Schema Markup 

Why Your Business Needs Local SEO
Having your local business listed on Google Maps is one of the most cost-effective ways of attracting new customers. Most people look for businesses in their locality using a simple Google search for “Near Me”. So, if you have a business such as a plumber, electrician, doctor, lawyer, dentist, home cleaning, restaurant, etc., then you can benefit from having your local business listed on Google. Doing so will direct the people in your locality to your business.   
PieNet India has over 10 years of experience helping businesses with their local SEO. Our team consists of skilled SEO experts who will customize a plan that most benefits your business. We’ll use techniques such as keyword research and building NAP citations to increase your website traffic and ensure more people discover your business.   
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How Ranking on Google Maps Can Benefit Your Business?
Research shows that 72% of clients who used a search engine to look up nearby businesses went to one that was within 5 miles' distance! 
You can get in Google’s 3-Pack.
The 3-pack on Google dominates local search traffic. After a simple Google search the top three business results that appear, their location, and basic information about the business are all part of Google’s 3-pack. So, if your business appears in this pack then you can surely see your numbers going up.   
According to estimates, 93% of queries with local intent pass via this pack, so if you're currently using local SEO to your advantage, you can be sure to attract more and more customers.  
You’ll spend less on ads.

Paying for ads might have been a lucrative choice a few years back but now SEO has taken over. Employing SEO for your business, and especially local businesses will help you attract organic traffic and genuine customers to your doorstep. And the good news is that you pay way less for SEO and get many additional benefits as well. 

Helps improve online visibility.

Employing local SEO gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. It helps you attract genuine traffic and increases your online visibility. With SEO, more people in your locality will discover your business and your business will attract more traffic. 

Help new customers find you.

Google maps are one of the leading sources people use to find businesses near them. It’s one of the leading driving forces behind mobile traffic. So, if your business is listed on Google maps then more new customers are likely to find your business.   

You get higher conversion rates. 

If your business is listed on Google maps then there are more chances you get a better conversion rate, calls, and leads. Because people that are discovering your business are already interested in going through with the purchase, so you’re likely to convert more organic traffic into customers. 

You reach qualified customers.

By listing your business on Google maps and employing local SEO you’re targeting people that have already made up their minds about going through with the purchase. Thus, these people are more likely to buy your product or service, and as they are residing in the same locality these customers are more likely to become loyal customers of your brand.   

Our Local SEO Process

Our SEO process is tried and tested to deliver the best results. We have over 10 years of experience helping local businesses with their SEO.   

1. Keyword Research

If you do not know which keywords to target for local search then there’s no way you’d be able to get a higher ranking on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). This is where our SEO team comes into the picture. We identify the keywords that your potential customers might be searching for by looking up information on the services or products you’re offering. Using this information our local SEO experts help your business rank higher on SERPs and attract more customers to your business site.   

2. Competitor Analysis

Our team of SEO experts performs a thorough analysis of your competition to check what keywords they are using and which strategies they are applying. Doing so gives us a perspective on how to beat their strategies and help your business rank higher than your competitors in the same locality.   

3. Google Business Profile

If you want your business to stand out amongst the competition and appear on Google searches in your locality then it’s essential to set up and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) according to your business information such as images, business category, and verifying ownership. It is also essential that you keep posting on your GBP profile regularly. 

4. Citation Audit

It is now easier than ever to find a business on Google. However, having an inaccurate or old listing might end up harming your business in local SEO rankings. Thus, our SEO experts work on fixing all the inaccuracies (if any) and give correct citations so people can see what they’re looking for and find your business in the top rankings on Google maps.

5. Local On-Page Optimization

When you opt for our local SEO services, our team of experts takes care of all your business’s on-page needs which gives you enough time to focus on other avenues of your business to grow your business. With us taking care of your SEO you do not have to worry about anything and be assured that your sites will stay compliant with all the latest Google algorithm updates.   

6. Schema Markup

When it comes to local SEO it is essential that you incorporate microdata in your plan so that search engines know what your website’s content entails. One way to do this is to include schema markup for your reviews and business listings on Google searches.   

7. Content Optimization

Our team of SEO experts ensures your business ranks higher in SERPs by optimizing your content and metadata with keywords that are geo-specific. We also implement best practices for your content and create any new service pages to improve your rankings on all major platforms.   

8. Building Citations

Our SEO experts also build citations for your business to make sure you’re visible in local searches as per the consistency of- Name, Address, Phone number, and Website (NAPW). Building these citations increases the chances of your business getting local listings on popular sites.   

9. Link Building

It is essential that your business has the right backlinks if you want to drive more traffic to your site. Our team of experts works on building high-quality links for your site which helps in achieving higher rankings on SERPs, and you get increased traffic, leads, and conversions.   

What is a Google Maps listing?

Google map marketing is a part of the local SEO plan where we work towards promoting your business through Google maps and attracting more customers to your local business. This is achieved by creating a Google Business Profile (GBP) profile for your business and ensuring your business appears in top searches when people search for businesses near them.   

Will you build these citations manually?

Yes, all of our citations are built manually by our team of SEO experts.

How long will it take to see results?

There’s no way of saying how long it’s going to take to see results as that differs from business to business. However, usually, it takes about 3-6 months to see any concrete results. 

How SEO package price is calculated?

The pricing of every package depends on the number and types of services you’re opting for.