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Get your SEO audit services from PieNet and we guarantee a real & actionable audit- with no automation or software PDF required. We have over 10 years of SEO experience in serving businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to get a list of actionable insights broken down by the how, why, and what for your SEO audit.   
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What Do You Understand by SEO Audits?
Through the SEO audit process, one tries to assess and improve the organic search traffic & visibility of a website by employing various techniques. The process involves applying various methods of analysis such as both on-page and off-page optimization analysis, competitor analysis, and more.   
If your website has gone through a recent change or you notice a sudden drop in your search rankings then it’s time you finally opt for the SEO audit. It’s the perfect way to make sure your website is optimized which would most definitely aid in getting a better ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) and would also help you fix all the problems with your site. PieNet has a team of SEO audit specialists who will work wonders on your site and optimize it for search engines. Contact us to get more information and get a personalized plan today.
Reasons Your Website May Need an SEO Audit 

Getting an SEO Audit for your website is a great way to identify all the issues that might be affecting your search engine rankings and apply solutions to improve them. Let's explore some indications that may suggest why your website needs an SEO audit-   

1. You can notice a significant decline or plateau in your website traffic.   

2. Your search engine result page (SERP) rankings are not as high as expected.   

3. Not enough visitors are becoming customers.   

4. Or, you’re not getting enough sales or leads. 


With the help of an SEO audit, we can help identify the causes behind these issues and help you fix them using a strategic plan to help you get more organic traffic or rank higher on SERPs. 

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Benefits of an SEO Audit

With the help of an SEO audit, you can figure out any technical flaws that may be affecting your site’s SERP performance or affecting the number of visitors that could be visiting the site otherwise.


Undergoing an SEO audit allows you to increase your site’s conversion rates through online sales or leads, increase relevant keyword rankings, increase organic search traffic, and more.   


If you’re optimizing your website as per search engine requirements then it’s likely that it would also positively affect your user experience and accessibility- as what’s good for search engines will most definitely be good for users too.   


An SEO audit gives you an in-depth understanding of your website and its digital health.


It allows you to figure out any content opportunities.   


It can help you to understand your current backlink profile. 

Why Choose Us for Your SEO Audit

PieNet as a leading SEO agency, takes pride in tailor-making SEO strategies for each client. Our team of experts treats every client as an individual entity and builds a strategy only after understanding the ins and outs of their business. However, here are some generic services that are by default included in every package-

When it comes to SEO, we’re the experts

The process of SEO can be quite complex and without our help, you wouldn’t know where to start. We possess over 10 years of experience in the field and understand all the ins and outs of SEO. So, it’s a safe bet that your website would be more secure in our hands.   

Get a handmade SEO audit

We ensure that you’re receiving the best service by not relying on the automated tool to do the job as they often produce incorrect results. Instead, our team of SEO experts manually reviews your website and its performance to figure out any issues that need to be fixed.   

Get actionable SEO Recommendations

Our work doesn’t stop at reporting the issues with your website, we also hand out actionable & prioritized SEO recommendations to fix these issues to improve your SERP rankings and get more traffic to the site.   

Get Customized SEO Audit

We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we offer SEO audits that are tailored to the needs of your business. Our SEO specialists work with you to understand what your business needs and then customize a plan as per requirement. 

Recommendations Implementation (Optional)

We also offer an additional (and optional) implementation service if you’re looking to fix all the problems with your website SEO. Our team of experts will implement all the recommendations suggested through SEO audit and provide expert assistance with link building, keyword research, and more.   

Keyword Gap Audit 

Our SEO audit service includes identifying any keyword gaps in your SEO plan. This process might help you discover some keywords that your site should be ranking for which would only strengthen your SEO plan. We also analyze what your competitors are using and help you incorporate them into your list. 

Content Quality Audit

In our SEO audit, we also analyze the quality of existing content on your site and then make suggestions on how it can be improved. Our recommendations list includes the content that should be deleted, content that needs to be enhanced, and finally any content gaps that you can fill to get better results.   

Technical SEO Audit 

We provide a technical SEO audit that enables you to find and address any technical problems stopping your website from ranking well. It involves a complete examination of all the technical facets of your website, such as its structure and navigation, site speed, mobile friendliness, the hierarchy of URLs, internal linking, etc

Diagnosing any traffic loss

If you’re facing a sudden drop in traffic and do not understand the reason behind it then an SEO audit can help you with that. Our SEO experts will identify the root cause of the issue and assist you in regaining the traffic you rightfully lost, whether it was as a result of an algorithm update, a penalty, a technical problem, or anything else.

Backlinks Profile Audit

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are one of the most significant ranking elements. We'll examine the backlinks going to your website and prepare a report on their quantity and quality. We'll also note any possible concerns connected to those backlinks and offer suggestions for reducing them.   

New Website Launch or Migration Audit

Our SEO audit can assist you in starting off on the right foot if you are building a new website or relocating an old website. To make sure that your website is converted successfully and without any traffic or ranking loss, we will examine it and offer a website migration audit.   

What we investigate

We understand that every site is unique. This is why we customize our plan according to your needs. However, these are some common factors that we investigate in our SEO audit- 


Site Structure 


Crawlability & Accessibility   


Mobile Friendliness


Search Engine Indexing 


Analytics Implementation


Internal Linking


Technical Issues


Site Security


Broken Links   


Keyword Targeting


Thin & Duplicate Content Issues   


Penalization Risk & Cleanup 


Ranking Drops   


Page Speed & Load time   



Projects Completed
Happy Customers


Happy Customers
Trained Professionals


Trained Professionals

Our Process

1. Online Consultation   

First and foremost, we start with an online consultation where we make an effort to understand your business and what you expect out of our service. We understand that every site is different, and that’s why we customize our plan according to your site’s SEO history, known issues, and business goals.   

2. Audit and Reporting   

We conduct a whole audit of your site once we get access to the Search Console and Google Analytics. Based on our findings, we write a detailed expert-level report with suggestions on how all the issues can be resolved.   

3. Implementation   

This is an optional service where we can also implement all the reported suggestions to help your site attract better traffic and ROI.   

What we deliver   

Report Sheets 

1. Prioritization of problems     

2. Site crawl data 
3. Recommendations and solutions 
4. Documentation of important findings



Constant Support 

1. Our SEO consultants provide dedicated assistance every step of the way 
2. You get unrestricted access to the project manager   
3. Implementation support   
4. Explanations of resolved issues 

What is an SEO Audit?

If you have a business site that’s not performing well then you need to get an SEO audit done to check what’s the reason behind it. An SEO audit is a procedure used to assess a website's search engine optimization (SEO) performance. An SEO audit's objectives are to find and fix any issues preventing a website from ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as to increase the site's overall exposure and organic search traffic.  

How long does an SEO Audit take? 

Every website is unique, and the time needed for an SEO audit will vary depending on the specifics of your website, including the number of pages, the length of the content, and other elements, as well as the type of audit you subscribe to. However, the average process can range from one to six weeks. 

Can you fix the issues found during the SEO audit?

We share a detailed list of issues in the SEO audit report along with suggestions on how they can be fixed. However, you can customize your plan to include implementation as well.   

How often should one get their site audited?

The maintenance schedule for any website should include an SEO assessment. While a thorough audit is normally performed by a professional, anyone may perform a straightforward crawl, analysis, and report. A website may require auditing every few months or even more frequently, depending on its size and complexity. While audits are crucial for keeping your website current and competitive, they should only be performed by professionals to guarantee that your site is being optimized to the fullest extent feasible.


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