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PieNet’s SEO Website Migration India   

If you’re planning a website or domain migration then your worst fear would be traffic drop and losing out on potential customers. Why not get the right people to do it for you and remove all the chances of any traffic drops? Hire our team of SEO experts to help you move your website without losing any organic traffic.    

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Why You Might Benefit from Having Professional Assistance While Migrating Website
Moving a website can be quite exciting for a business, however, it doesn’t come without its own set of unique challenges and risks. In order for your website to transition smoothly, many things need to go right. There are a lot of tasks that one has to perform such as altering URLs and tags on content as well as transferring internal links from one location to another on various web pages (which must be updated) so that they all lead to the new destination address instead. 
PieNet has over 10 years of experience in helping hundreds of websites move. Our team of SEO specialists is well-equipped to assist you in the process of migrating. They will assess the site’s present performance and then will move forward to make a list of the current content and organic traffic. Going forward we’re going to prioritize jobs to ensure that you maintain your top ranking in search engine result pages and don’t lose visitors during the migration process. 
What Risks Are Involved with Site Migration

If you’re contemplating a website overhaul then you need to give SEO migration a thought. Without the help of SEO, you run the risk of losing visitors which may lead to severe revenue loss. According to studies, the average website loses 30% to 50% of its organic traffic overnight without SEO migration. Quite simply, it’s far easier to maintain rankings than trying to earn them again. 

Let’s discuss the many risks we help you avoid with these different types of site migrations-   

1. Protocol Migration   
2. Subdomain Migration   
3. Domain Migration   
4. Top-level Domain Migration   
5. Content Management System Migration  
6. A visual redesign   
7. Structural Migration  
8. Hybrid Migration   
9. Partial Website Migration   
10. All-of-above Migrations


Projects Completed
Happy Customers


Happy Customers
Trained Professionals


Trained Professionals
Why Choose PieNet for Your Site Migration

With over 10 years of experience in site migration, we have hundreds of clients that put their trust in us.   

  • Retain traffic, rankings, and conversions.   
  • Minimal traffic loss   
  • Customized Strategic planning   
  • Constant performance monitoring   
  • Comprehensive data interpretation   
  • Concise reporting   
  • Clear communication   
  • Dedicated Support   
PieNet Offers the Following Website Migration Services
SEO Migration Plan

For an SEO migration, you need to make sure everything on your site is taken care of beforehand. To do this, make sure that everything is fully documented, including current rankings, URL structure, title, Htags, and content. We provide a thorough SEO migration plan that will make switching to our services easy. We'll collaborate with you to find and fix any potential problems thanks to the expertise of our team.

Website Domain Migration

Migrations of website domains can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Security upgrades, maintenance, and, if required, rebranding, to name a few possibilities, should always be the first step. It's important to do everything carefully from beginning to end when changing your site's URLs (the addresses for each page on the internet), so that all content may continue to be accessed normally while new domains take over use on websites for old ones. Preventing any problems with redirects or broken links that could cause visitors to leave for another site entirely will ensure a seamless and effective migration process. 

Content Migration

It's not just about the website you're leaving; it's also about where it's hosted and what kind of material might be available there. No matter how big or small the task at hand may be, we will always offer customized website domain migration solutions created especially with your business in mind. The content migration specialists at PieNet are available to assist you with moving your website's content so that both users and search engines experience a smooth transition. We'll make sure it goes smoothly for them both and that your business keeps expanding.  

List of Things Included in Our Migration Services

Planning and strategizing are essential before beginning any migration procedure. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a strategy that adheres to your unique requirements and objectives. This includes coordinating goals, establishing KPIs, and gathering data.  


It's crucial to investigate the existing status of your website and its organic state before beginning any move. This will enable us to decide which modifications need to be kept an eye on throughout the migration procedure. It involves crawling already-existing websites, monitoring mobile and desktop performance, gauging site rankings, and acquiring outdated backlink information.  

Design and development review of a new site

Reviewing the new design and development to make sure it adheres to SEO best practices is crucial before moving to a new website. Our team will collaborate with you to make sure that the design and development of your new website follows SEO best practices. Along with assisting you with launch preparation, we'll make sure your new website is entirely SEO-optimized before it goes live. We will evaluate the new site architecture, on-page structure, etc., and recommend the necessary adjustments to the new page in comparison to the previous webpage.  

301 Plan and Internal Linking

It's necessary to analyze your internal linking structure and create a 301 plan before you begin the conversion process. By doing this, all links will be correctly redirected and no 404 errors will be generated. A page-by-page 301 list is created. helping to change the URL of an outdated website.  

Sitemap Review

Before beginning the migration, our team will analyze your sitemap and robots.txt files to look for any issues or warnings that may need to be corrected. Next, we'll recommend updated sitemaps for the new website and suggest modifications to the new robots.txt.  

Code Optimization

Our skilled SEO specialists will examine the coding of your new website and offer suggestions for enhancements. include, but are not limited to, crawl problems, image tags, canonical tags, schema, internal linking, and more.

Measuring Impact

After the launch, create a Google Data Studio report on the launch's impact, keep an eye on Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the following two to four weeks, and make any necessary corrections.  

What is Website Migration?

The process of moving a website from one domain to another while preserving its search engine optimization (SEO) is known as SEO website migration. This might be a challenging procedure because it's crucial to maintain the new site's traffic and search engine rankings.  

What are the different types of Website Migrations?
Manual: The simplest sort of migration is manual migration, which is carried out by hand. This style of migration is typically applied to compact websites with a few pages.  
Partially Automated: In this process, we use a software application to streamline some of the migration procedures. Usually, larger websites with many pages employ this form of transfer. 
Full Automated Migration: With this sort of migration, every step of the migration process is automated using a software program.   
How can PieNet help with Website Migration?

PieNet provides a range of services to aid with the migration of SEO websites. We can assist you with every step of the migration process, from planning and organizing it to making sure the new website is correctly optimized for search engines. To assist you to maximize the potential of your new site, we also provide post-migration SEO services.  

What are the risks involved in the website migration process?

There are a number of possible risks involved in website migration that may have an impact on your site's SEO. One of the major dangers of website relocation is the possibility of losing your site's search engine rating. If the search engine indexes the old URL rather than the new one because of improper redirection, your site's ranking may suffer.  


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