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PieNet’s Paid Advertising Service in India   

Get PieNet’s pay-per-click (PPC) service today to design your whole advertising campaign and increase organic website traffic. We are a team of Google AdWords Certified SEO specialists who manage our clients' PPC campaigns daily to deliver the greatest results in terms of targeted audience, sales, and ROI. Contact our team to have a customized advertising plan today!  

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Different Types of PPC Ads to Choose From

When it comes to paid advertising, businesses have their own unique set of requirements which include things like location, size of the business, and what the business is offering to the customers in terms of service or product. Here are a few different types of ads that people usually look for-   

  • Search ads- advertisers can select the keywords they want to target with search ads. Then, ad copy is made that instructs Google on what to display and how much to charge when someone searches for such phrases. You get charged each time one of your ads is clicked.  
  • Display ads- Text, image, or video ads can all be used as display advertisements. Due to the lack of audience targeting, these have lower conversion rates. These are excellent for promoting your brand and raising awareness of your company.  
  • Sponsored Ads- These are a quick and efficient technique to increase the visibility of your business in front of numerous potential clients. They function by presenting your sponsored content on different ad platforms, such as Gmail, which appears above users' inboxes in the form of regular emails.  
  • Retargeting advertising- is an intriguing technique to attract additional clients by focusing on those who have already expressed an interest in your goods or services. The greatest way to get these users to become paying customers is through this form of paid advertising. 
Why Choose PieNet for PPC Ads 

We have over 10 years of experience helping people advertise their brands and achieve their targeted ROI.   

  • Google Premium Partner 
  • Affordable Pricing   
  • Work with the experts   
  • Variety of industries experience   
  • Quality assistance & Support   
What PPC Services PieNet Offers
Google Ads Advertising

Whether they're on a laptop or mobile device, our PPC professionals execute ad audits to make sure the proper audience sees what's for sale. PieNet increases targeting through campaign analytics, allowing us to pinpoint exactly who is visiting a certain homepage to increase the likelihood of a conversion. Finally, make use of ad extensions to ensure that clicking results in conversions.  

Facebook Ads

We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and we're here to support you. Utilize Facebook to its fullest potential with the help of our management services. PieNet offers a complete Facebook ads package for online advertising, from strategy formulation through ad launch and performance monitoring. Every step of the way, our PPC experts will collaborate with you to meet your needs. We offer original suggestions based on certain demands or sectors so that we can consistently achieve our goals.

Instagram Ads

Instagram's targeted audience and user-friendliness make it an effective visual advertising medium. Instagram ads feature the opportunity to include text with a "Call to Action" that will appear at the top or bottom. To make sure their advertisements efficiently reach potential buyers, we closely collaborate with our clients. We are aware of the requirements for a company like yours to succeed on Instagram. We can assist you in achieving any goal, whether it be increasing awareness or increasing conversions, with the help of our expertise in plan design and campaign analysis.

LinkedIn Ads

To assist you in achieving your company objectives, we specialize in creating LinkedIn advertising strategies. We'll adapt a strategy to your company's goals to get the best results, whether that means more leads or traffic. The PPC team at PieNet has the expertise required, from the first phases of ad design to periodic analysis, ensuring success at every point of the process. We carefully track performance, tweak as necessary during each run, and optimize based on findings from analysis after campaigns are over — all for maximum success.  

Bing Ads

PieNet is here to help you reach your prospective customers with an affordable, optimized Bing PPC plan. Our team will collaborate closely during the study to better understand how you operate and what your goals are because they have years of expertise managing Bing Ads campaigns for clients in a variety of sectors.   

Display Ads

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of a display ad with excellent design and execution. PieNet blends strategy, creativity, and technical know-how to produce ads that resonate with customers whether they are looking at your products or services or just the website content. With the assistance of our display advertising services, you may attract a larger audience and grab a larger audience’s attention. With our wide selection of ad formats, we can design a captivating campaign that rapidly hooks users.  

Our PPC Service Process
Account Setup

Our first step before conducting a PPC campaign is to create Microsoft ads or Google ads accounts.

Keyword Research

Our second step is to make a selection of keywords that match your product or service and then separate them into groups on the basis of different subjects.  

Create ad copies 

Next comes the actual creation of ad copies. Make sure you’re incorporating the relevant keyword in the ad copy which also has a CTA that directs the user to the landing page which holds all the information that they need.   

Conversion Tracking 

Next comes setting up conversion tracking codes even before turning on any advertising. Having these analytics tools allows us to eventually assess the effectiveness of ads.  

Campaign Tracking

Finally, we keep a close watch on the campaign and track it constantly to make sure of its progress and make needed adjustments to get a good ROI. 

Account and Campaign setup

Our first step would be to set up a Facebook account and the campaign goals before starting anything else.   

Analysis & Feedback 

Then we set up email, phone, and chat support to ensure we’re accessible to provide constant feedback. 

Monitor Performance

We provide weekly and monthly reports to keep you in the loop about ongoing campaign management.

Campaign Assessment

We keep track of the campaign and measure results to make necessary improvements and ensure a good ROI. 

Ad creation & demographic targeting

Facebook allows us to target ads based on different factors such as Location, Age, Interests, Gender, Education, Friends, Relationship status, Connections, Likes, and Status Updates.   

Choose an Objective

Firstly, we need to set up an objective for the whole advertising process. It could be anything you want such as Consideration, Awareness, or Conversion.   

Select the Audience 

Next comes the selection of the audience base you want to target. You can make the selection based on the audience’s gender, education, age, occupation, location, and other demographic factors. 

Set the schedule & Budget

You have the choice between setting up a daily or lifetime budget. We also need information on what time of the day you want the ad to run to create a schedule around it.   

Ad Creative

Next comes running the ad creative. We have the option to run a single video or image, carousel, or collection ads.   

Performance Monitoring

Once the ad is up and running, we use the Ads manager dashboard to monitor its performance regularly.   


We present the report on ad performance and make the necessary tweaks and changes to ensure better Instagram ad performance. 

Create Ad Campaign

The first step is to set up your LinkedIn Ad manager account.   

Set the Objective

Then we go about setting an objective to customize your ad campaign to get the most ROI.   

Audience Selection

Next comes the process of selecting the audience you want to target with the ad campaign. Targeting a specific and relevant audience increases the chances of the campaign performing better.   

Choose Ad Placement 

Now based on your campaign objective we establish whether you want your ads to show up on the LinkedIn audience network along with LinkedIn or only on LinkedIn.   

Set the schedule & Budget 

Next, we create a schedule for when the ad campaign should begin and also set up the daily or lifetime budget of the campaign.

Tracking & Reporting 

We keep track of the progress of your ads and provide monthly reports. The report also includes all the details of your campaign such as CTR, conversion rates, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is PPC?

One of the various advertising strategies you may employ to market your company is pay-per-click advertising. PPC advertisements are special as they make it possible to swiftly and affordably reach a big audience. PPC advertisements are also simple to scale, making them perfect for companies of all sizes. PPC advertisements are a fantastic approach to raising brand awareness, producing leads, and enhancing sales.  

What are the different types of PPC campaigns?

Businesses can utilize a range of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs to increase traffic to their websites. The three most typical PPC campaign kinds are display advertising, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.  

How is PPC cost-effective?

Pay-Per-Click also guarantees that you receive the best ROI. But make sure your advertisement or campaign is visually appealing. Finally, using this online marketing technique can help you make more money while spending less. It is a means to keep things under control with the money you have available because you will never spend more than you make because sales will always be higher.

How does PPC help with online visibility?

It's a reliable digital marketing tactic for positioning your business at the top of the results pages for ads on popular search engines like Google. PPC uses advertisements to promote relevant, targeted traffic while also building brand recognition for businesses by placing their advertising next to keywords related to their industry.  


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